Energy Conservation

We reduce energy use and greenhouse emissions by processing milk locally.

Through efforts large and small, we're working to reduce our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Our strategies include finding opportunities to cut down on energy consumption inside our facilities, and creating efficiencies around transporting our products. We understand transportation of our products and manufacturing operations will result in emissions of CO2.

Transportation still relies heavily on fossil fuels, so as we continue to grow our business and the need to transport more of our product, CO2 emissions from transport will also increase. This is one of the reasons we are making steady progress to find solutions to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Our goal is to ensure we meet our customer demands, with the fewest miles possible.

With processing the milk locally and reducing overall the volume of milk which would otherwise require significant transportation costs,  we have been able to efficiently reduce CO2 emissions and save 7,793,187 kg CO2eq/year in greenhouse gas emissions. That's the equivalent of CO2 emissions from 1,646 passenger vehicles driven for a year!

Looking Ahead

By 2025, we plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by cutting down energy consumption inside our facilities and efficiently transporting our products.