Water Utilization

Water: Our Most Precious Resource

Cows need lots of water, and much of that water goes directly into the milk they produce.  In Southwestern Kansas, the High Plains Aquifer provides 30% of all water used to irrigate U.S. agriculture, with a decline in many areas across the region. We have an obligation not only to reduce the domestic water we use in the manufacturing of our product, but more importantly, how to make sure we can reuse the water from the milk as many times as possible. By processing the milk locally, we're able to extract much of the water - clean and treat it - and send it back to our local farms to irrigate and grow their crops. This allows us to use less water in the manufacturing process and reuse the water to clean our facilities.

By processing the milk locally and reducing the amount of water otherwise transported to another region, we've been able to keep over 14,198,832 gallons of water in the area. That is enough to provide 130 households water for a year!

Looking Ahead

By 2025, we plan to reduce domestic water usage by 50% by improving the ways we treat and reuse the water we remove from our milk during processing.

We are continuing to work towards our long term vision of being 100% sustainable for water utilization.

Being able to find innovative ways to treat and reuse the water which we remove from the milk during the processing is crucial, and we're investing in new technology to make this a priority. We have set a goal to reduce the amount of domestic water used during the manufacturing process by 50% and are focusing on our conservation efforts.