Our Story.

About Us

Kansas Dairy Ingredients is a world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of ultrafiltered concentrated milk products.  As an independent and privately owned company established in 2012, our mission begins with our drive to create quality products with innovative solutions. Our unique industry knowledge and expertise allows us to work with each of our customers individually to create customized dairy ingredients for their products. We believe the key to success begins with collaborative relationships with our customers and a shared passion for innovation.

Our team breaking ground.

What We Do

The story begins with our farmers who have achieved dairy excellence to produce the finest milk. They take exceptional care of their cows by providing a nutritious diet, good medical care, and healthy living conditions. The milk goes through strict quality controls at the dairy to ensure freshness, purity and great taste. This collaborative approach enables us to secure a nutritious and wholesome milk to our customers.

Creating high quality milk products takes more than just the right process and the right know how. Here is how we are doing things differently…

Our Experts

We have decades of deep industry knowledge and an expert technical team, including a microbiologist, food scientists, technical engineers and bioengineers.


Because we're constantly growing, we can engage on new projects quickly. We align our expert team to help create solutions to meet our customers immediate objectives as well as long term goals.

Our Character

We value the long-standing relationships we have created with our customers. We put integrity at the forefront of who we are. We say what we believe and we do what we say.

Cost Conscious

Our location in Southwestern Kansas is strategically situated to provide a local destination for our farmers to easily provide their milk to. This allows us to lower our carbon footprint.