Our Process.

Ensuring Farm to Fork Sustainability

Our fresh milk arrives daily from the local dairy farms in cold and insulated tankers. We begin by making sure the milk is tested and verified, where it goes to the storage and awaits processing. We run the milk through a separator, which spins and removes majority of the fat from the milk. This results in skim milk and cream. We send the skim milk for the next step in processing, and the cream becomes heat treated and stored. The skim and whole milk is sent through the Ultrafiltration process. This allows us to retain the protein and fat, while filtering out much of the water, lactose, and other minerals. We can adjust the concentration of these components depending on our customer’s specifications.

The milk is kept cold and fresh throughout the entire process. In fact, it takes only about 10 minutes from the time we send the milk through Ultrafiltration process to create our final UF milk product! Once the milk has completed the ultrafiltration process, it is stored and ready for transportation to our customers. The water that is filtered out of the milk is treated and reused– we use the water to clean our facility as well as send back to the local farmers for irrigating their crops.

The KDI factory, where the process starts.
Testing and quality control.
Processing the milk
Our lagoon of recycled water

Keeping It Green

We are constantly looking to increase our water and energy savings by doing more with less! Learn more on how we’re ensuring sustainable environmental practices.