Our Products.

Our dairy ingredients include Ultrafiltered milk, Ultrafiltered Skim milk, and cream created with our customers needs in mind!

With the demand for healthy, natural dairy products increasing, there is unique opportunity for innovation using Ultrafiltered milk ingredients! Milk is composed of 5 main components: Water, Protein, Fat, Lactose, and Vitamins & Minerals. Ultrafiltration of milk can be used as a platform to create food and beverage products higher in protein, and lower carbohydrates compared to traditional milk.

We focus on actively collaborating with our customers to create custom dairy ingredients, which are used in many products you'll find today at your local grocery store.  We can accomplish this by first understanding our customer’s unique needs, engaging our expert technical team, customizing the specifications of our ultrafiltered milk, and providing the highest quality final product to our customers.

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At our facility we can now produce Organic products such as cream, raw skim milk, ultra-filtered skim milk and ultra-filtered whole milk. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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Our Certifications

Halal certified.
SQF certified.
Kosher certified.
Kosher certified.